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Driving your child home from school

safely and conveniently.


Middle School Transportation Solution

After-school care is unavailable after elementary grade levels, so having a safe and reliable option for after-school transportation is a necessity. This is where Second Mile Support, LLC can help. We provide quality transportation for middle school students in Prosper, Texas.  There are some exceptions to this, so please inquire if you have transportation needs outside of grades 6-8.


"A great reliable transportation service to get your OCPE students safely to off campus sports!"

"Thanks to Second Mile Support, we no longer have to chance the weather with riding the bike to school!  We are so happy to have this service!"


You may choose to register your child on a monthly, weekly, part-time, or emergency daily basis. Check out rates below for each option:

  • Emergency Daily - $30.00 per Student
  • Part-Time (2-3 Days per Week per Month) - $15.00/Student per Day 
  • Weekly - $12.00/Student per Day ($60 per Week) - This is ideal for co-parents needing only 2 weeks out of the month.
  • Monthly - $10.00/Student per Day ($200-$250 per 4/5 Week per Month) 

Register Today!

School holidays constituting in a 4-day week will still be considered a full week or part of the monthly fee for any package with the exception of full school year registration.

Each family must pay a one-time $25.00 registration fee to be considered for any services throughout the school year.

For families who sign up by September 15th, we will waive the registration fee!