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Addressing your student’s after school transportation needs


Frequently Asked Questions

Second Mile Support, LLC takes pride in providing an excellent student transportation solution for middle school students in Prosper, Texas. To learn more about our service, feel free to read the following FAQs.

Why did you create Second Mile Support, LLC?

 We are parents of two boys, my wife is an educator, and we recognize the lack of transportation options at the middle school for working parents. Having children who live within the second mile and who would have to cross major streets and deal with crazy Texas weather makes us nervous parents. With an educator in the family, we also understand the importance of being responsible for other children and ensuring their safety, communicating with families, and providing support where a need exists. It is our passion for students and the love of our own children that led us to create Second Mile Support, LLC so that families can have a trusted option for transporting their children home after school.

What are the reasons I would want to use Second Mile Support, LLC?

Feel free to request our transportation service if:

  • You live within 2 miles of campus and bussing is not available.
  • Your job does not allow you to pick up your student by 3:25 each day.
  • You and/or your child have concerns about riding the bus with a 1:48 driver-to-student ratio.
  • You don’t want your child to arrive home 60-80 minutes after the school day ends.
  • You want your child to ride home with trusted, reliable drivers who ensure your child makes it inside his/her destination.
  • You want more communication in regard to when your child is picked up, arrives home safely, and anything that happens on the drive between destinations.
  • You are looking to avoid asking friends, arranging carpools, and worrying about how your child will get home each day.

How many students will be in each vehicle?

Anywhere from 2-6 students will be in any transport vehicle.

Who are your drivers and what are the policies regarding drivers?

Our drivers are typically parents/guardians of middle school children who have the availability to pick up their own child and a few other students as well. Background checks are provided for each driver, and they must adhere to strict policies regarding seatbelt safety, no cell phone use while the vehicle is moving, and immediate check-in of students at pick-up and notification at drop-off.  Drivers and students must wear masks to ensure the health and safety of all individuals in the vehicle.

How will my student know who is picking them up after school? 

Drivers will have a Second Mile Support car magnet and a color-coded bar (i.e. the blue stripe, the green stripe, etc.)

With the exception of illness, the students will have the same driver each day throughout the school year.

In the case of substitution due to illness, parents will be notified immediately of the driver change, and the substitute driver will have the same

color-coded magnet for students to locate the vehicle.

For weekly, part-time, or emergency daily riders, we will try to be as consistent as possible with the same driver during the times the student needs transportation. Parents will receive an immediate notification of any driver/color magnet changes.

Can my child be dropped off at an address other than my home?

As long as the address is an authorized emergency address (relative or close friend) and the parent notifies us via phone call, text, or email before 12:00 (noon) of the day of transportation, a student can be dropped off somewhere other than his/her home address.

What if an incident occurs in the vehicle during the drive home?

Parents will be notified of any student incidences. If anything occurs in the vehicle that the driver needs to communicate with the parent (i.e.: students saying inappropriate things to each other, students talking about hurting someone or themselves, a student gets sick in the vehicle on the way home, etc.) it will be included in an incident report.

Can I pay online? 

Yes, we currently use Venmo for payment.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured.

What if I don’t know 

my work schedule 

in advance?

If you have an inconsistent schedule, we recommend registering for the entire school year so that you are guaranteed to always have transportation for your child.

What if my child gets sick or needs to be picked up early for any reason?

Whether it is a scheduled dentist appointment or a call from the school at 1:00 that your child is sick, please notify us with as much notice as possible so that our driver knows your student will not be in the transport for the day.

Are there any discounts for siblings, military, or first responders?

Yes, we offer a discount for families with more than one child at the middle school that require transportation.

Military and First Responders will also be eligible for a discounted rate.

What if I’m an educator in the district?

If you are an educator in the district, please contact us to discuss your options for transporting your child to your school location as well as receiving an educator discount.

What if I’m interested in being a driver?

If you are interested in being a driver with Second Mile Support, LLC, please call or email us as we are always in need of new drivers with every new route we add.

What are the reasons I might want to be a driver?

  • You want to be a part of supporting students and families in our community.
  • You are a parent already picking up a child at the middle school and you might as well make some extra cash picking up a few other children.
  • Your vehicle currently has unused seats that can safely take students home after school.
  • You are already driving through our local neighborhoods to get to your house and you are willing to make a few extra stops along the way.

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