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Trusted Transportation For Middle

School Students in Prosper ISD

Schedule your child's safe ride home.


Safe Alternative Transportation Option

If you are looking for after school transportation for your middle school child, look no further than Second Mile Support, LLC. We provide dependable door-to-door transportation for middle school students, especially those who are not comfortable with riding the bus and/or prefer a faster ride home.

School districts do not provide transportation for students who live within a 2-mile radius from​ campus. Second Mile Support, LLC is here to give parents peace of mind by providing a trusted transportation option for their children.

Keeping Family And Safety In Mind 

Students will have the same driver all year and our drivers are parents and family members within the community!

Providing Reliable After School Transportation

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About Us

Second Mile Support, LLC is a parent-owned student transportation business operating in Prosper, Texas. Our goal is to provide dependable and safe door-to-door transportation for middle school students to prevent kids from facing the dangers of walking home from school or being left at school during unsupervised hours when district bussing is not an option. Our drivers will not leave until the rider safely enters his/her destination.

Middle school students (grades 6-8) are at an age that parents are more comfortable with leaving a child home for an hour or two than allowing them to walk home due to major road crossings/intersections, unpredictable weather, and/or general safety concerns.

We are here to support parents with full-time jobs in the DFW metroplex or those who work from home during traditional business hours and cannot pick up their children at the end of the school day.

To ensure the safety of your child, we have hired parents/guardians within the community who have undergone an extensive background check and will they will have a direct line of communication with parents.

Building trust, having open lines of communication, and ensuring the safety of your child is the first priority of Second Mile Support, LLC.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide safe transportation for every student and peace of mind to every parent.


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